St Philip's is fortunate to have a series of quilted tapestries, made by Coreen Zerr, who is based on Vancouver Island. Coreen is a quilt and fibre artist and teacher with an international reputation. She has won awards at both national and international level for her quilts. 

These quilts were created in 2005/2006 and reflect the church seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter, whilst also portraying the stunning coastal scenery of Vancouver Island. There is also a triptych quilt which is on display all the year. Look for the dove which can be seen in every design.

  • Triptych - 7th Day of Creation
    Three section landscape/seascape with animals hidden in each section. Section One has dogwood trees, rocks, land water and sky. Section Two has sky and water landscape with rocks, trees, beach and dove. Section Three has sky and land with trees, eagle, racoon and rocks.

  • Wisdom along the Way (Ordinary Time)
    There are lots of scripture references in each block. Each block is surrounded by a 4" green sash. The centre panel is a tall old-growth forest grove with the light (symbol of Jesus) streaming in onto a rough, narrow path winding through. The bottom right panel is a simple fishing dory, with a rough cord/rope fishnet hanging over the side into the water. The top right panel is a vine of grapes and branches. The bottom left panel has storm clouds, lightning, rain and a rainbow. There is also a waterfall and a healing river. The top left panel has a landscape of hills and rocks with bags of wheat.

  • Light and Life of the World (Easter and Christmas)
    Landscape of sky, mountains, trees. The left side of the quilt is symbolic for the Christmas season, with the star shining on three deer to signify the Holy Family. The right side of the quilt has a brilliant sunrise for Easter, to symbolise Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday.

  • Lenten Seascape (Lent)
    A seascape scene with strip-pieced sky using gradations of colour to create an overall design. There is a ghost ship in the background and three crosses on a hill, with rocks and trees showing a time of turbulance and starkness.

  • Beneath the Surface (Advent)
    A seascape scene with strip-pieced sky using gradations of colour to create an overall design and show underwater life (whales, small fish and plants). This portrays a period of waiting and what lies beneath the surface. 

If you would like to know more about the quilts, please download the "Story of the Quilts", which was written by the artist herself.