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 “Journeying together in God’s love”

What's New:

Sunday 27th August - Choose-a-hymn Sunday: For the 10am service on Sunday 27th August, we are having our second Annual Choose-a-Hymn Service, where we invite people to nominate a favourite hymn for us to sing. If you have a hymn or song that you would especially like, or which has particular meaning for you, please list it on the sheet in the multi-purpose room, or by emailing the rector. Please can you also indicate if you are willing to introduce the hymn during the service and say why it is so special for you.

Letter from the Bishop:  For those interested, there are copies on the table in the narthex, of a letter from the Bishop with a summary of recent Regional Gatherings.

The Contemplative Society presents One Heart:  Weaving a Tapestry of Inter-spiritual Community: A Retreat with Mirabai Starr.  Inter-spiritual author and teacher, best known for her accessible and evocative translations of the Christian mystics as well as her worldwide contemplative retreats.  Wednesday, September 27 - Sunday October 1, 2017 at Cowichan Lake Research Station, Vancouver Island.  Join us for an exploration of the interconnected wisdom at the heart of all religious and spiritual traditions.  Follow the streams of mystical longing and social justice through an array of creative entry points and contemplative practices that carry us beyond an intellectual understanding of humanity's many spiritual paths to the place we are transformed by the love at their common core.  For more information and to register, visit  or call 250-381-9650 

Operation Baby Bottle update:  We are so grateful for all the generous support of those who gave through Operation Baby Bottle! So far $42,118 has been brought in through the Operation Baby Bottle Campaign. We are so thankful! Our goal for 2017 was $46,000 and we are a little short of that, however, we know that historically the last few thousand often trickles in as people see the bottle while cleaning their house and remember to bring it to us with a cheque. It's never too late. We are trusting God for the remainder and praising him for the funds raised thus far.  Thank you for being a loyal supporter of this ministry. We couldn't do it without you.
Kirsten Emmanuel, Executive Director

Request from Bishop Logan:  You’ll recall that a while ago prayers were requested for some refugees (father and daughter) who had been abducted.  An update has since been sent around to say that the daughter’s file was expedited by the Canadian embassy.  I’m happy to say that she arrived in Victoria Thurs July 20th.   The father was being held in an illegal camp but was released and made his way to a refugee camp in Sudan.   His Canadian brother has exhausted all his resources to maintain him while he was in holding.  The brother must also pay human traffickers to help assist the wife and children to travel across the border.  If you are interested in offering financial support to the brother, please contact Rebecca Siebert at the synod office [email protected]   Yours, Logan

What's Happening at St. Philip's:

BCP Booklets:  If you have accidentally brought your booklet home, could you please return it, the next time you are at the church?  The numbers are dwindling.  Thank-you!

Bishop Logan visiting: Sunday, September 17th
Bishop Logan will be at our services at St Philip's on Sunday 17th September. If anyone would like to consider being confirmed by Bishop Logan on that day, please come and have a chat with David.


Community Events:

The BC fire situation has worsened again. All of the Williams Lake and area (some 24,000 people) have been evacuated. The latest map of BC fires can be viewed at, and at this time, the situation is serious.  A special emergency fund has been established by PWRDF for this situation, and any donations may be submitted by credit card or on-line at the web site.  This may be updated further at .  All funds intended for emergency relief such as this go to the intended use, nothing is retained for administrative overhead. In Canada, PWRDF always partners with our own dioceses and parishes to get the fastest response possible. In this situation, all parishes in the affected areas of central BC are on standby to assist as necessary.   Let us all direct our prayers that these people will be safe.     
Geoff Strong
PWRDF Diocesan Representative (Vancouver Island)  

Thanks to you, $379,000 is eligible for government Famine Relief matching fund! The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund is pleased to report it has received $379,000 in donations toward famine relief. These funds will be matched 1:1 in the federal government’s Famine Relief Fund, which ran from March 17 to June 30, 2017.   Using $20,000 of its equity in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWRDF has already supported an ADRA (Adventist Relief and Development Agency) South Sudan food distribution project.  Watch this short utube videos to find out more:  and  

The federal fund matching period has ended, but PWRDF is still accepting donations to its Famine Relief Fund as the need continues.

Geoff Strong, PWRDF Diocesan Representative on Vancouver Island

Superhero Walk Nanaimo:   This "Walk the Wall" event in Nanaimo raises money for International China Concern. ICC is an organization that cares for orphans and individuals with disabilities in China. Walk the Wall is an international event and this will be the second walk in Nanaimo.   This event is taking place Saturday, August 5th at 3:30pm at Maffeo Sutton Park. Please see poster below, for more information.

Global Leadership Summit: This year St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Nanaimo is once again hosting the Global Leadership Summit in partnership with Generations and Christ Community Churches, in Nanaimo on August 10th & 11th. Please click on the following link for full details of this year’s event

We Together Diocesan Conference - 15th & 16th September - Update
Renewed Hearts, Renewed Spirits, Renewed People
The "We Together" Diocesan Conference is being held on September 15-16 and will take place at Christ Church Cathedral and the Cathedral School in Victoria. Please keep an eye open for more information as it comes available and do seriously consider going to one or both days.