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Church office closure:

The church office will be closed from Monday, August 26 - Wednesday, September 4th.  For administrative concerns please contact Reverend David Chillman at 250-390-3641. 

What's New:

Billets needed: The 2019 We Together Diocesan Conference is taking place on September 27-28 at St. Paul's  Anglican Church in Nanaimo. They are in need of billets. If you are able to offer up a bedroom in your home for Sept 27 for folks attending the conference from far away that would be helpful.  They are also looking for some volunteers to help with coffee and tea and tidy up for 10am.  Please call Trish Stock at 250-510-5454.  For more information about the We Together conference scroll down to the News from the Diocese section.

   Saturday 21st September
Diocesan Synod in 2018 passed a motion that committed parishes and synod office to curtail the purchase of products with single use plastics, including rigid foam (Styrofoam and other brands), and to end such purchases by 2023. As part of this commitment, we are encouraged to take part in International Coastal Cleanup Day, when people across the world will be taking action on their coastlines to remove as much waste (and especially plastics) as possible. For more information about this, go to
It would be great if we could take part in this by helping to clean up the beaches in Lantzville. For the time being, please put Saturday, September 21st in your calendar and try to keep the morning free for being part of the cleanup.

Ma'q'ath Food Program Volunteers
The Ma’qa’th Food Program (food bank) is looking for volunteers. It is held at Nanoose First Nation Health Centre in Lantzville every Tuesday from 1:15pm – 3pm. Please contact Debbie at [email protected] for more details.

The  Great Canadian Hymn Sing: SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 8 @ 3 PM at the Royal Theatre in Victoria, 805 Broughton St.  The Great Canadian Hymn Sing with orchestra, world class singers, and you joining together in songs of praise and inspiration. We would like to offer all church members the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for 25 dollars, while supplies last. We are having a week long event from August 26 through September 2, whereby church members can purchase their tickets for 25 dollars only! Use the code: singuntothelord online at or by phone at 250-361-5402. Would love to see you there!


Join us as we explore 
the intersections of healing, culture & faith

Storytellers: Bishop Logan McMenamie, Alex Nelson, Hubert Barton, Ray Aldred 


4:00pm Welcome/opening prayers 
6pm Dinner
6-7pm Candlelight Vigil
7pm  Talk — Bishop Logan McMenamie

9am coffee and opening prayers 
10am Talk—Alex Nelson (Healing Journey from Residential School and Ceremonial Relationship with the World) 
11am Healing Circle
12pm Lunch
1pm  Talk — Hubert Barton
3pm — Coffee & free time
4pm — Roundtable
5pm — Dinner
6pm  —Worship

10am worship
12pm Lunch
1pm Dismissal

FREE EVENT  — Donations welcome towards healing and reconciliation ministry in Port Hardy 

For more information and to register or to request a billet contact Alastair Hunting, St Columba Church 250.949.6247 or email [email protected]  

Location: JC Memorial Church, #213 Tsulquate Reserve, Port Hardy BC

Cost: $775 single room/$650 shared

Join us for three days of chant, teaching, and contemplative practices to nourish the spiritual heart. Together we will explore devotion to the Divine Feminine in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, particularly under the guises of Sophia, or Wisdom, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Attention will be given to insights from pioneering Christian mystics Thomas Merton and Teilhard de Chardin, as well as from non-Christian sources.

Our time will be held within a contemplative rhythm of silence, chanting, meditation, and embodiment practices.  People of all spiritual traditions (or none) are welcome.

For further details contact [email protected]

What's Happening at St. Philip's: 

Compassionate Warehouse: It's time once again to think about the needs of the Compassionate Warehouse for school supplies for the fall school term. Pens, pencils, paper products, erasers, etc. can all be placed in the collection box beside the book case in the front entrance. No felt pens please. And thanks to you all for supporting this very important mission.

Lantzville Minetown Day - 7th September:
 Minetown Day is the annual local community celebration in Huddlestone Park. We are planning for St Philip's to have an information stall at the Minetown Day, to raise people's awareness of our presence here in Lantzville and to give some information about our activities. It is important that we have church members at the stall through the day, to welcome people and answer any questions that they may have. If you are able to help provide a church presence at the information stall at Minetown Day, please sign up on the sheet in the multi-Purpose Room, indicating the time(s) you can volunteer for.

In addition, we will need help to set up the display booth at 9am and to help clear up again at 3pm. If you can help at these times, please talk to David.

Prayer Chain: The Prayer Chain is a confidential group who pray for people and/or situations made at the request of people needing prayer.  To ask for or to be willing to pray…. please contact Jane Gribling at [email protected] or fill out a prayer card, located in the narthex and leave in the box provided.  


Pastoral Care:  If you are interested in receiving a visit from our pastoral care visitors or know of someone that would like a visit, please contact Reverend David at 250-390-3641.

Do you have current first aid/CPR training?  We would like to get an idea of how many of St. Philip's parishioners have current first aid/CPR training. If you do, please email Lori at [email protected] or call 250-390-3641.  

New Church e-mail addresses: The church e-mail addresses have changed.  
Please note the new email addresses:
Reverend David Chillman: [email protected]
Office administrator Lori Tanner: [email protected] 
Treasurer (Tony Davis): [email protected]
Prayer Chain: (Jane Gribling) [email protected]

  Book Sale - Fundraiser   
Do you have some books that you would like to put to a good cause?  If so, please bring them to the church at any time and leave them in the library.  We will incorporate them into the already set up shelves and they will go on sale!   We have priced the books very reasonably, small paperbacks $1; large paperbacks $2 or $3; hardcover books from $3 - $5.  There is a money box situated on the shelf and you can put the money in as you buy your books – on trust!   Once you have read the books, please bring them back so that we can recycle them into the shelves and give someone else a chance to buy a very reasonably priced books.   This project is one of the new initiatives that the parish is undertaking to try and help with the ongoing financial difficulties.   Thank you. Parish Council 

Travelling Basket
The Ladies Group has come up with an idea to help raise money. The travelling basket contains items that have been donated by people. These can be such things as knickknacks, hand made items or baked goods or an item that is no longer needed. All the items can be purchased by making a donation in the money box. Please do look and see what is in the travelling basket and also think about whether you have a small item that can be given to the basket. 

Dial-a-sermon: Is there a Bible passage that you’ve never heard someone preach about before? Or a topic that you would like to hear someone preach about? Well now’s your chance! If you want me to preach on a particular passage (no matter how bizarre) or on a topic (no matter how controversial), please suggest it on the sheet in the Multi-Purpose Room and I will try and preach on it in the next few months.

News from the Diocese:

2019 We Together Diocesan Conference: September 27-28 at St. Paul's  Anglican Church in Nanaimo.  Cost is $79 which includes Friday evening reception with cash bar, Saturday lunch, keynotes and two workshops. Eight workshop themes to choose from.

We Together is our diocesan biennial family reunion. It's an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and a time to make new ones. Together we learn about, pray about and share what God is up to in our lives, strengthening ourselves, as the diocese of islands and inlets, for the journey God is calling us to.  

Keynote speaker Padraig O Tuama: A profoundly engaging public speaker, Ó Tuama has worked with groups to explore story, conflict, their relationship with religion and argument, and violence. His work is marked both by lyricism and pragmatism, with an ethic of evoking stories and participation from attendees at his always-popular lectures, retreats and events. 

For more information about this event click on the following link

Community News:

Ma’qa’th Food Program: The Ma’qa’th Food Program runs weekly, based at the Snaw-naw-as Health Centre in Upper Lantzville. This has been set up by Debbie Heath, who is the Community Nurse at the Health Centre and all the food is provided by Loaves and Fishes.

The program is open to everyone who lives in Lantzville and on the First Nations reserve. We have a great set of volunteers, including a number of people from St Philip’s. More volunteers are always welcome!

The Food Program runs from 2pm to 3pm every Tuesday. If you know of anyone who may like to benefit, please let them know about the Program.

History Of Christianity documentary series: In preparation for Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch's visit to Vancouver Island, there will be an opportunity to watch his acclaimed BBC TV series on the History of Christianity. There are 6 episodes in the series, each lasting about an hour. After each viewing, there will be opportunity for discussion on the issues raised. The series will be shown here at St Philip's, starting on Monday 9th September, at 6:30. For more details, please see the poster attached to these announcements. 

Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch lectures: In October, world renowned church historian Diarmaid MacCulloch will be giving two lectures at the University of Victoria. If you might be interested in attending either of these lectures, please put them in your calendar now.

Thursday October 3 (5pm to 6:20pm)

Tuesday October 8 (5pm to 6:20pm)

For more details on these lectures, please see the attached poster.

 For information about upcoming workshops visit

Fake Emails

More fake e-mails:  Another fake e-mail is circulating, claiming to come from David Chillman, asking for a favour, using the email address:
[email protected]  If you should receive this e-mail:

  1. Do NOT open it
  2. Delete it
  3. Let David know that you have received an email from that email address
  4. If you have already received an email and opened it, please delete it immediately and run an antivirus software scan on your computer, just to be on the safe side.

These emails are fake and the fake email address has been reported to Google. Please accept David's apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Additional advice on email security:

a) Always question up front whether someone you know would ask you to purchase anything on their behalf via an email. Follow-up with a phone call if you think it could be real.
b) If you suspect an email of being nefarious, do not respond to it. By responding to the sender we are encouraging them to keep trying.
c) If you receive an email from the church office or from the rector, always check that the sender is using an official email address before responding.

Important Reminders about Health Matters:

St Philip's is a scent-free zone
The chemicals used in scented products can make some people sick, especially those with fragrance sensitivities, asthma, allergies and other medical conditions. Out of love and consideration for others, please do not wear perfume, cologne, aftershave and other fragrances and instead use unscented personal care products.

Intinction (Dipping)
It is the policy of the Bishop and Diocese of British Columbia that intinction is not an acceptable practice for public worship. A combination of current literature and expert medical advice concludes that sipping from the common cup and sharing a handshake represent minimal risk of transmission of contagion and fall within the parameters of the normal risks of daily living. On the other hand, the practice of intinction is a higher risk activity; fingertips coming in contact with the bread which is then dipped in the wine or fingertips coming in direct contact with the wine may contaminate the shared wine with pathogens other than those found in saliva. The choice for a communicant, then, is to share the common cup or to receive in only one kind. Anglican sacramental theology has always held that the benefits of the sacrament do not require the reception in both kinds.